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Not Excited About Tonight’s College Title Tilt, Watch It Will Be A Classic (Oh, It Is NOT On Over The Air Television)

January 9, 2023

Tomorrow, I will get the score of tonight’s college football title tilt, in which defending champion and top ranked (14-0) Georgia is a near two touchdown favorite vs (13-1) T.C.U.

If indeed it is a classic, the line says no, but we have seen so many classics in this situation, so be it.

I missed the not over the air “semis” and as my father might have said, will live with the consequences if Fowler and Herbstreit, already with so much, get a classic.

No prediction, would rather it be T.C.U. but hope for a rout and it is more likely Georgia would rout than be routed.

Final thought: Georgia 23 T.C.U. 13 and me asleep before 10.


Downtown Boulder, Colorado pictured above. 

It is there not because De Sanders is, no thoughts of Boulder, Little Rock (a recent Will Shorts puzzle answer) and big games even essentially title tilts involving the Buffs and Razorbacks, say in ’69,’89 and ’90) are the reason.

Shorts Puzzle ? (answer already given, George Thomas again got it!) Name a  state capital and a city with over 100,000 in population, whose names are in effect, antonyms.

Little Rock “appeared” today as a U.S. state capital, with Boulder its city/antonym.  

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