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Watching The Great Carroll O’Connor on “Gunsmoke”

December 7, 2022

Yesterday, I watched a great episode of “Gunsmoke,” with guest star Carroll O’Connor, that aired on October 30, 1967, three plus years before Mr. O’Connor and the seminal show, “All In The Family” debuted.

Both “Gunsmoke,” and “All In The Family” aired on CBS with each ranking as one of the network’s all-time most popular, if not great shows. Certainly “All In The Family” led by the superb O’Connor, a great cast all under the leadership of now 100 year old and “treasure,” Norman Lear was among television’s greatest and most important shows.

“Gunsmoke,” certainly had great episodes, “Major Glory,” which originally aired on Monday night October 30, 1967, was one of them with guest star O’Connor leading the way.

Victor French in a guest role and series regular Ken Curtis, who played “Festus Haggen,” stood out in the episode.

Here’s one that “returned” to me and only me, although in certifying the facts (whatever happened to that in far too many instances of dissemination?!) I came across a fine retrospective and discovered information about a new book, each through the efforts of writer Bob Fox.

I recalled a Halloween (or close to) Monday night tilt, involving the Packers in which Travis Williams had a kickoff return touchdown. Sure enough, it was on October 30, 1967 (Packers 31 Cardinals then in St. Louis where the game was played that night, 23) airing on CBS after “Gunsmoke.”

Only I link touchdown returns, the aforementioned one by Travis “The Roadrunner” Williams, the first of four in that unprecedented 3rd straight title, via a title game win, season by the Packers that aired after Mr. O’Connor in “Gunsmoke” and another.

The other being, a “real life,” (I believe) punt return touchdown by Alvin Hammond, that as “Archie Bunker,” Mr. O’Connor once referenced on “All In The Family.”


Gunsmoke, Season 13 Episode 8 image

The great Carroll O’Connor, pictured above in a role on “Gunsmoke.”

Click below to read an outstanding and helpful article about the October 30, 1967 Pack/Cards (I guess one would say “deck,” not or at least before “pack” of cards, maybe not as in pack of baseball cards) game written by Bob Fox.

Mr. Fox also has written a soon to be out book about the great Jerry Kramer.

Halloween Eve in 1967: The Green Bay Packers Get a Return on Investment



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