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’81/2022 NFC ‘Offs Notes

November 29, 2022

The current Philly Eagles are (10-1) and have a one and a fraction game(s) lead for the NFC “1,” (Minne (Vikings) are (9-2)-and at least that much of a lead over the (8-3) Dallas Cowboys in the (32-13), so far excellent NFC East.

In this post, I will juxtapose the 1981 NFC season with this one and more “leaks” (ode to Roosevelt Leaks, a fine running back) regarding 2022 will manifest.

1981 was the 4th season in which both the NFC and AFC had 2 wild card teams, who met in the wild card round. That year the New York Giants won at Philly vs the Eagles in such a game. This season the Eagles almost certainly will be among the 7 NFC ‘offs teams, somewhat likely as the top seed. The Giants, once (7-2) now (7-4) are in ‘offs qualifying position, with 6 games remaining.

One NFC slots game in ’81 matched the Dallas Cowboys and then 6th year Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both teams currently ( (5-6) “T.B.”, with the slipping, but still an all-time great, “T.B.” there is a significant “Brady” character based on William Jennings Bryan in Stanley Kramer’s directed “Inherit The Wind,” leads (5-7) Atlanta by a half game in the woeful (18-29) NFC South) are in ‘offs qualifying position.

San Francisco (I can still “hear” Jack Buck accenting each syllable of that city’s name when a Jim Stuckey fumble recovery, NOT the key Joe Montana to Dwight Clark touchdown pass, clinched the S.F. 49ers NFC Title tilt win vs Dallas) won it all in ’81, the first of 4 crowns they won in the numerically/team name lined 9 seasons (’81-’89), and 5 overall, none since that 5th one in 1994.

This season as is the situation with the other 4 1981 NFC ‘offs participants, the 49ers are ahead in a bid for ‘offs qualification. They are (7-4), Seattle is next in that (NFC West) “div,” with a (6-5) mark.


Left to right, the unfortunately now deceased Dwight Clark, a great receiver whose TD catch was the key to SF’s ’81 title game win and Jim Stuckey, whose aforementioned fumble recovery clinched the game, are pictured above.

The Niners went on to (26-21) the Cincinnati Bengals in the Pontiac, Michigan cold weather outside/played in the Silver Dome 16th (Joe Montana’s, #(still in the conversation along with Brady and maybe others as to who is the best quarterback) Super Bowl game. 



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