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Watched Mannix With Rosemary Forsyth

November 25, 2022

Last night, into the early morning, I watched an excellent episode of “Mannix,” titled “Picture of a Shadow.”

Guest star Rosemary Forsyth, who in a show rarity had a kissing scene with Mike Connors’ “Joe Mannix” in the 1974 show, is 79 years old now and was great to see.

Ms. Forsyth (“Ann McFadden,” on the seminal show, “Dallas”)  played a less known “Laura Spencer” (“Horton”) on “Days of Our Lives” from ’76-’80 preceding the better known portrayal of a “Laura Spencer” by Genie Francis, on another soap opera,”General Hospital.”

Ms. Forsyth exuded beauty, class and chemistry with Mr. Connors, a nice look at nearly 3 A.M.


Rosemary Forsyth and Mike Connors in “Picture of a Shadow” on “Mannix.”





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