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2-2 2022 (W.S.)

November 3, 2022

The 2022 World Series is tied at 2 games apiece after a World Series record tying 5 home runs Phils output won #3 (7-0), but Christian Javier hurled 6 of the Astros’ 9 pitched, hitless innings in a series squaring, (5-0) win in #4.

What can I say, once I loved this, however, situations such as last night as there is no real drama in a combined no hit bid or achievement, are among the many, as to why, I, who once fully immersed myself in every World Series play, watch so little.

Tonight is game 5 with #6 scheduled to be played Saturday night in Houston. Let’s hope not, but I fear Fox and first World Series announcer, Joe Davis will get a 7th and if so, it would go, (rhyme) vs Sunday night pig, a ’62 AFL Title tilt redux of Dallas at Houston in the form of Tennessee at K.C. (rhyme).

Speaking of Houston football, that city’s (1-5-1) Texans face Philly’s (yes Philadelphia vs Houston) (7-0) Eagles “opposite” but on something called Amazon, #5 W.S. Houston Astros at Philadelphia Phillies tonight.

The road/home/home/road configuration through the first 4 games is the first such since 1962 and before that 1951. Each of those World Series resulted in New York Yankees’ victories vs Giants’ teams, the ’51 version still in New York while the ’62 Team had San Francisco, where rain caused 3 postponements between #’s 5 and 6, as its home.


Christian Javier brilliant

Maybe and clearly it lacked the drama and greatness of Don Larsen’s game 5 of a (2-2) World Series, FULL 9 innings, perfect game in 1956, however, praise indeed for Christian Javier, pictured above. 



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