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Astros, Early and More Than Often, Square World Series

October 30, 2022

The Houston Astros scored 3, more than enough, frst inning runs for Framber Valdez, who eased in a “V” vs “W” World Series pitching matchup, (others? I doubt it, but …) vs Zack Wheeler on 3 consecutive doubles to start and an error with 2 outs, led (5-0) and won (5-2) to square the 2022 World Series.

After the game 1 loss, Houston was (1-7) in their last 8 home World Series games, now of course (2-8) and just (4-10) all-time (5 “apps” those being in ’05,’17,’19,’21 and 2022).

Meanwhile the Phillies dropped to the same (1-7) mark, all-time in Saturday World Series games. They lost Saturday W.S. tilts in 1915, 1980, 1983 and 2009 while losing 2 in 1993, the second one on Joe Carter’s World Series ending 3RHR (now is not that better and more informative than saying w-lk o-f ?!) before last night’s loss.

Only in 2008, en route to their second crown, did they win a Saturday World Series tilt while in ’80 they won their first crown despite a Saturday World Series game 4 loss at Kansas City (Royals), a game in which Willie Mays Aikens cracked 2 home runs for K.C.

1915 had a much different home/away configuration (it ended in 5 games, the first two and Boston title clinching 5th games at Baker Bowl (seems there is a Baker managing the Phils’ 2022 World Series opponent) in Philly, however it played out on Friday, Saturday and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday as this one will, weather permitting. I do not know where a 6th or 7th would have been 107 years ago and doubt I ever will) however, the other 4 previous (1-1) Phils’ World Series had the current 2-3-2 configuration.

The World Series teams went to Philadelphia for games (3-5) all 4 times (as I was writing this a WNYC, just before “The Puzzle” yielded regarding Drexel University in Philadelphia) with one of the teams winning both games 3 and 4 and eventually the series.

Thrice it was the Phils’ opponent (in ’83 the Orioles won games (3-5) and clinched in Philly while the ’93 Blue Jays and 2009 Yankees won #’s 3 and 4 in Philly, lost game 5 there but titled in game 6 at home), that won games 3 and 4 and the series and once in 2008 it was the Phillies and they won their second crown with home wins in games (3-5), enabling the late, great Phillies’ broadcaster, Harry Kalas, denied such in ’80 as local announcers could not broadcast the W.S. to call the end of game 5.


Paul Molitor white house.jpg

The great player, Paul Molitor, pictured above, (Paul was primarily a designated hitter, but before this year such players were not allowed to play a W.S. tilt without playing in the field when the contests were in a National League park) played first base and delivered a big hit early in #3 at Philly in ’93 and later as a designated hitter, got a hit putting 2 on with one out before Carter’s incredibly dramatic World Series ending home run.  



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