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More “2” Year Title Game Notes

October 22, 2022

The penultimate of what will be 11 “2” year title tilt rematches(2 NFL title games, 1 AFL title game, that to be the once Texans/now Chiefs facing the once Oilers/now Titans, in what also is a ’19 AFC title redux, 5 in 5 possibilities AFC title tilt rematches as well as 3 NFC title game reduxes) in 14 possibilities takes place tomorrow night in Miami as the (3-3) Dolphins host the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 1972 AFC title game rematch.

Much can be said and recalled about the Dolphins win that day, their 16th of what was to be 17 in an unbeaten season.

One incredible/could not happen today aspect is the fact that the unbeaten ‘Phins had to sojourn to Pittsburgh for the game.

A Larry Sieple run for a first down from punt formation was a key play in the Miami victory.

Tragically (many 21’s are coming up, I am reading, albeit slowly, “The 7 Secrets Of Synchronicity,” by as listed Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor, change of 21 cents at Dunkin Donuts yesterday and the time of 2:21 when I looked before) that December 31, 1972 night, the great player and humanitarian Roberto Clemente lost his life in a plane crash.

Back to the esoteric, there will be no redux of the ’52 NFL title tilt (Lions beat the Browns), ’92 or ’02 NFC title games/NFL “semis” at least not in the “reg.” In ’92 Dallas won at S.F. while in ’02 Tampa Bay won at Philly.

Otherwise, as stated, 3 “Two Year” NFC title game rematches, two involving Wash beating Dallas and the other in ’12 manifesting in an S.F. win at Atlanta.

I will recap the AFC/AFL “sitch,” after the aforementioned, upcoming ’62 AFL title game redux, scheduled for Sunday night November 6th in K.C. (nee Dallas) vs Tennessee (nee Houston).

Wonder if you can stand the wait?!!





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