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Not While In The Field!

September 16, 2022

Thoughts of 1972 and paraphrasing the then U.S. President (Richard Nixon), let me make “clear” that even before Roberto Clemente died as a true hero on 1972’s last day, I truly loved him. (Michael Santasieri trekking here to “manage” him, that great “Strato” 2 column, Bobby’s incredible ’71 World Series performance among myriad reasons I did so).

As the sad 50 year anniversary of his death draws inexorably closer, I will have perspective on it here. If there is one thing I think I have, and know I strive to achieve, it is perspective.

Thus, let me say that the telecast last night, yielding a player (Lindor) talking to the broadcast team while in the field, during a pretty important game is a new low.

I can hear Vince Lombardi yelling from above, but alas, it is for naught. The copy cat producers and a society that continues to “high school” it, regarding women and their looks, does leads to the new low that Fox Sports transmitted and allowed last night.

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