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Some World Series/LCS Redux Notes

August 25, 2022

In the most recent series, there were two World Series rematches and four in which the teams playing had met in an LCS.

Most notable the only two franchises to lose World Series in 3 straight seasons, the Giants and Tigers met in a redux of the 2012 World Series won by the Giants in 4 straight games, just before a major hurricane struck this area.

The Tigers lost in World Series play in 1907, 1908 and 1909. Only two years passed and the Giants lost World Series from (1911-1913). The Cubs (1907 and 1908) and Philadelphia A’s (1911 and 1913) won two each from the Tigers and Giants respectively. The other crowns went to the Pirates and Honus Wagner vs Ty Cobb and the Tigers in 1909 and to the Red Sox in an incredible 1912 entity vs the Giants.

It was a redux of the 2000 World Series won by the Yankees vs the Mets while in LCS rematches, ’twas Baltimore (Orioles) vs the White Sox, the Braves vs the Pirates, the Dodgers/Brewers and Reds/Phillies.

The Orioles in ’83 and Reds in ’76 won best of 5 LCS in 4 and 3 straight games respectively in route to the title.

In both ’91 and ’92 after beating the Pirates in a full 7 game LCS, the latter on Francisco Cabrera’s 2 run hit, the Braves lost World Series to the Twins and Blue Jays.

Meanwhile, after winning at Milwaukee in a game 7 of the 2018 NLCS that the Fox Network did not deem worthy of an over the air telecast, the Red Sox 5’d the Dodgers in the World Series.


Honus Wagner (crop).JPG

The great Honus Wagner, pictured above. 

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