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Quick Baseball “Reg” Update

August 5, 2022

Why is it that so often, that divisions in “the middle” are the weakest. Certainly that is the case at the top of the two “middle”/Central Divisions in baseball “reg” 2022.

In the A.L. in either order, right now the Yankees lead the Houston Astros by one and a fraction games (it is not too early in this no mystery at the top A.L. season to note Houston, by winning 5 of 7 vs the Yankees, I believe has the tiebreaker) for the top seed. Houston, in turn, leads the current Central leader, the “Minne” Twins by 12 games.

Meanwhile in the National League, L.A. (the Cleveland Rams 1945 NFL title was followed by a Brooklyn Dodgers best of 3 N.L. playoff loss vs St. Louis (Cardinals) (as I will note one of the Rams’ 4 crowns was won as St. Louis in 1946, after the ’51 L.A. Rams crown, Brooklyn lost the ’52 World Series to the Yankees, despite coming home to Brooklyn, up 3 games to 2, after the ’99 aforementioned “St. Loo” Rams title the 2000 Dodgers did not qualify for the baseball tournament, then consisting of 8 teams (bad) and now houses 12 (terrible), we shall see how the Dodgers fare, this first baseball season after the L.A. Rams home field, no cover, aided and abetted by a bad holding call, 2021 title), has baseball’s best record while the New York Mets lead Atlanta by 4 and a half games (they trail L.A. by 5 and a half for the 1 seed) for the div crown and 2 seed. In turn, the Central co-leaders, Milwaukee and St. Louis are 9 and a half games behind the Mets.

294 days/42 weeks earlier, the 103 win Dodgers won the decisive 5th game of their “div” series eliminating the 104 win S.F. Giants. Yesterday those 294 days later, L.A. made it 7 of 7 vs S.F. since the “break,” dropping the Giants 6 and a half games behind for ‘offs qualification.

Noteworthy is that in 27 of the last 30 Seattle (Mariners) games, either “Sea” has won (21 times) or they have lost to Houston (6 times).


Alvin Davis.jpg

Alvin Davis, pictured above, made big early contributions to the Seattle Mariners. 

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