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Remembering Jim Lynch and Johnny Egan

July 23, 2022

1969 floats into memory, this unbearably hot day, as I briefly recall Johnny Egan, a basketball player and Jim Lynch a football player, each of whom died this past week.

The ’69 NBA final ends, the great Chick Hearn laments what L.A. did not do in #4 of that series, “the ball goes to “Eeg” he lays it up and in, of course too little, too late– “final score the world champion Boston Celtics 108 the Los Angeles Lakers 106.”

Mr. Egan, who later coached the Houston Rockets played on a Providence NIT title team (the N.I. T. had some real meaning then) with the great Lenny Wilkens in 1961.

On a date, a woman tells me she is a K.C. Chiefs fan. I say “What would you say if I can name the whole 1969 title winning Chiefs’ starting defensive unit? I do.

She was impressed. It did or does or does not matter?

Jim Lynch, as an outstanding, outside linebacker playing the l/backer position, with Willie Lanier and Bobby Bell was a part of that superb unit.

An aside: Chiefs coach Henry “Hank” Stram recorded by NFL Films at the Supe, “where’s Bobby Stein?” I query regarding Gil Dulberg and the flowers.


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