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Baseball Thoughts/Notes

July 19, 2022

They continue to tinker (I do not mean but evoke Joe (Tinker) as in Tinker to Evers to Chance, three famed Chicago Cubs, who inspired poems, now say 115 years ago) with baseball and now please no tie after 9 innings in tonight’s once meaningful All-Star tilt as it would be settled beyond what is, at least what once was baseball.

Brighter are notes from the Yankees clinching their 14th pennant in 16 seasons on Saturday October 3, 1964.

Dick Howser is 2 for 2 and a walk in his first three trips to the bat. He is with Cleveland. The Yankees have won 14 of 16 vs them.

At game’s end it is 15 of 17 and 14 pennants in 16 seasons.

There would not be another one until 1976 and Howser was the Yankees’ third base coach.

The first of the 14 pennants in 16 seasons was in a winner take all Yankees (5-3) win vs Boston (Red Sox) in Casey Stengel’s first season (1949).

It ended when Birdie Tebbetts popped out to first baseman/Yankees great but so under rated and shamefully not in the Hall, Tommy Henrich.

The 14th pennant was clinched vs the Birdie Tebbetts managed Cleveland team on 10/3/1964.


Tommy Henrich 1949.png

Tommy Henrich, pictured above.

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