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“The Minutes” Is A Compelling, Comedic, Great Play

July 8, 2022

“The Minutes,” written by, and starring Tracy Letts (“August: Osage County”) playing at Studio 54 Theatre (254 West 54th Street), is a compelling, humorous great play.

“Tick, tick” to the writing of Letts and the direction of Anna D. Shapiro, as the performance unfolds with the delayed, uncoiling strike of a cobra, its ominous warnings, but still shocking and disturbing reality.

The cast is truly great. I do not read programs before, but picked mine up sensing it was the incredible Austin Pendleton as “Oldfield” a 39 year (think Jack Benny, 39 and Pendleton is so good and has been so often–a true great!) council member. It is Mr. Pendleton and he alone is worth the time.

Add another long time performer, still with the “chops,” namely Blair Brown, sitting at the table next to Pendleton, adding delightful spice.

Again the whole cast is excellent and in alphabetical order I cite–Ian Barford, Ms. Brown, Cliff Chamberlain, Mr. Letts, Danny McCarthy, James Vincent Meredith, Jessie Mueller, Sally Murphy, Mr. Pendleton, Noah Reid and Jeff Still.

Oh the thoughts, laughs, a clear reference to “The Searchers,” mine evoking Ned Beatty in the seminal film, “Network” and most of all history is written by the winners, but so often they are losers, bankrupt in morality and so full of fear, often hatred.

The Minutes offers so much, comedy, beautiful “weaving” of story and maybe a wake up vision!

Click below for more information, including that involving ticket purchases.

theminutesbroadway.comThe Minutes on Broadway




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