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‘Lanche Lead Lightning (2-0) After Dominant (7-0) Game 2, Home Win

June 19, 2022

The Colorado Avalanche, (2-0) in previous NHL final round play, eased to a (7-0) win over the two time defending champion, Tampa Bay Lightning in game 2, to take a (2-0) lead in the 2022 NHL final round series.

Valeri Nichushkin, who had the big assist on what likely will be the series most important play, the Andre Borakovsky Overtime goal in game 1, had 2 goals in #2, “opening” early, with Borakovsky getting an assist.

Again the Avalanche had 3 first period goals and this time there was no “T.B.” comeback.

In the game 2 rout, “Col,” winners of 7 straight games, (14-2) in the ‘offs, (Pk in #3 in a bid to be (6-0) on the road in these ‘offs and now over 5 to 1 series favorites–the “Col” beats T.B. “exact result” was plus 270 when Col led Edmonton (3-0) and the Rangers led T.B. (2-1) in the semis–mirrors, tooth pain and missed “opps”) also got goals from Josh Manson (made it (2-0) and he has had some big Avs goals in these ‘offs), Borakovsky (3-0), Darren Helm (5-0) and “see” his “qtr” series clincher vs the Blues, the ’19 champs, who have handed the very likely 2022 champions their only 2 losses of these ‘offs and then 2 “garbage time” tallies from Cale Makar.

Meanwhile Darcy Kuemper needed only 16 saves to record his first shutout of these playoffs.


Valeri Nichushkin, pictured above. 





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