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Warriors Win Their 4th Title In 8 Seasons, Steph Curry Is Series MVP

June 17, 2022

The Golden State Warriors won their fourth NBA title in the last eight seasons, completing a 6 game triumph, vs the Boston Celtics with a (103-90) win at Boston last night.

The great player, Steph Curry hit for 34 points (his “reverse the digits,” 43 points in #4 was the series defining moment) in the clincher and was named Final Round Series MVP for the first time.

Andrew (for the second time, this Andrew watched most, even any of the game and was pretty much “ok,” with lead announcer, Mike Breen except when he said “a long way to go or was it plenty of time?” with G.S. up 12 points with 2 minutes to play) Wiggins had another good game, scoring 18 points while Jordan Poole added 15.

It is the 7th title for the Warriors franchise, moving past the Bulls (6-0) in final rounds– (seems they had a player named Jordan, but unlike Poole and Baker in “Gatsby,” I “think” Jordan is his last name) for third place, behind the Celtics and Lakers, who remain tied with 17 crowns apiece.

G.S. went on a (21-0) run to lead by 15 in the second quarter and the closest Boston (now (17-5) in title rounds, got was behind 8 points.

The Warriors are (7-5) and the Celtics are (17-5) in final round play. However, Boston which once had 16 of the NBA’s 40 crowns, have won but one in 36 seasons, the drought sadly related to the tragic death of Len Bias, a Celtics draft pick with great ability, who died just after the ’86 Boston title.

The one and only Al “Grampa” Lewis pointed out on my show within a few years later, that Bias’ death was a “death blow” to Celtics’ success, but this title drought, which when related to loss of life, is in perspective, however, also in diametric opposition to past Celtics’ greatness.

Speaking of loss of life, success, title success and perspective–hail Warriors coach, Steve Kerr who now has 9 NBA titles (5 as a player, 4 as a head coach-credit his assistant Mike Brown for the overall season and stepping in as head coach), spoke out vs senseless gun violence, up (3-0) vs Dallas in the semis and surely has much, if not all of this in perspective, with all he has experienced both good and bad on this planet.

Only Bill Russell, Sam Jones and Phil Jackson have more than 9 combined player/head coach NBA titles while Arnold “Red” Auerbach, involved in all 17 Celtics’ crown has 9 (all as a head coach) as well.

Finally, “only me,” as I cite no game was decided by less than 10points in the final round, it “cost” but a 7th game is avoided and the road/home/home/road/home/road configuration that manifested in the 2022 NBA final is the first such in the final round in NBA history.


Steve Kerr played on 3 straight title teams with the Bulls (’96-’98) and 2 with the Spurs in addition to now 4 coaching titles with the Warriors, who technically won their first San Francisco title last night.

Seven of the last 8 (the one other West Coast Warriors final ended with the Celtics home clincher in 5 vs the Warriors in ’64) Warriors’ final rounds, were clinched with road team victories, 5 by the Warriors and one each by the Cavs and Raptors. 

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