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They All Lose At Home, Ergo Celts’ Opener

June 3, 2022

31 of the 32 NHL and NBA ‘offs teams have now lost at least one home game as Al Horford, called Big Al by a “would be ” Bucks’player (Giannis?) after the Celts 7’d defending champion “Milw” in the qtrs, hit for 26, as Boston outscored Golden State (now (9-1) at home in the ’22 ‘offs) (40-16) in the 4th quarter, in a (120-108) final round opening game win. (Only the other Boston winter sports team, the Bruins, did not lose a home ‘offs game, however, they were 7’d by Carolina in the NHL prelims).

Now the Celtics, opening line, plus 7 to 5 series u/dogs are roughly 8 to 5 series faves, putting Celts backers such as Jackie in pretty good shape, with a nice “hedging” option, seek to become the first team since the ’04 Pistons upset the Lakers to win both a road final round opening game and that series.

The Warriors fell to (8-4) in final round opening games, in losing a second straight such tilt. Home teams are now (10-2) in final round opening games, involving the Warriors.

(40-16) evokes memories of the great Wilt led ’67 76ers clinching 5th game, 1″40″ -1″16″ (oh to hear Andy Musser and Mr. Zinkoff regarding it!) semis win vs Boston, that broke the Celtics’ incredible 8 straight titles skein from (’59-’66). Those Sixers 6’d the Warriors in that year’s final.


Al Horford (51688343399) (cropped).jpg

Al Horford pictured above had played a record 141 ‘offs games without playing in a final round tilt until last night. 

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