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Warriors Roughly 8 to 5 Faves Vs Celts In The Upcoming NBA Final

May 30, 2022

Last night, the Boston Celtics both built and nearly squandered significant leads, but in the end hung on (100-96) at Miami, as 3 point favorites and with it, their third road win of the series and seventh such vs but two losses, in these ‘offs, advanced to their 22nd NBA final ( Celts are17-4 in previous, but once were (15-1) beginning Thursday night in San Francisco vs the 8 to 5 series faves, the Golden State Warriors.

Some notes not likely found elsewhere follow:

The franchises, with the Warriors still in Philadelphia for the first three, clashed in the ‘offs in 4 straight even years (’58,’60, ’62 and ’64), before not doing so for 28 consecutive even years and now will meet in the ‘offs 56 years after their last ‘offs get together, a 5 game Celtics’ triumph in the ’64 final, one of two times a Bill Russell team (of course the Celtics) prevailed vs a Wilt Chamberlain team (the ’64 Warriors and then the ’69 Lakers) in an NBA final.

Russell and the Celtics won vs Wilt and the Warriors in both ’60 and ’62 while also winning in ’58.

Hail Jimmy Butler of Miami, who had keyed the Heat’s “stay alive win,” in 36, hitting for 47 points. He had 35 in a game 7 loss last night, however, he did miss a “3” ( in most cases, in my opinion this “3” is a blight on a once great game) with the Celts’ lead just (98-96) with 17 seconds left.

The Warriors will be the fourth franchise to face the Celtics in as many as 2 NBA final rounds.

Boston is (9-3) vs the Lakers in such competition. They were once (8-0). They are (3-1) vs the Hawks franchise, all four clashes occurring when the Hawks were located in St. Louis.

Additionally, Boston is (2-0) vs the Houston Rockets while they are (1-0) vs the Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, and as cited the Warriors.

Meanwhile the Warriors, will be playing in their 12th NBA final, (only the Celts and Lakers with 17 each have won more titles or played in more final rounds. Only the Bulls have as many as the Warriors 6 titles), a 6th in 8 seasons and will have home advantage for a 5th time in 6 final round entities. (Top of my head– only the Celts, who had home adv in an incredible 12 straight final round appearances (’57-”68) have topped that).

The Warriors are (6-5) in previous final rounds, (2-1) as Philly and (4-4) on the West Coast (winning in ’75, ’15. ’17 and ’18 and losing to great Celts and Sixers teams in ’64 and ’67 respectively. In ’16, let’s just say Cleveland, a loser to GS in the ’15,’17 and ’18 final, was NOT a great team. Ditto the ’19 more likable Toronto Raptors).

Boston has been the “home advantage” team in 17 of their 22 final round appearances but has been “sans it” in 3 of their last 4. They won without home advantage vs the Lakers in ’69 and the Bucks in ’74. They lost with home advantage vs the Hawks in ’58 and in “reverse the digits” ’85 vs the Lakers.

The Warriors’ final round/home advantage history is not as clear.

One can say they had home advantage in all 3 final rounds as the Philadelphia Warriors. This despite the fact both the 1947 Chicago Stags (Philly beat them in 5 games, #’s 1, 2 and 5 played in Philadelphia. Would Chi have hosted 6 and 7, giving them home advantage?) and 1948 Baltimore Bullets, each by the way, a defunct franchise, (the Bullets won the series in 6 games but games 1, 2 and 5 were in Philly. Would #7 have been in Baltimore?)

Alas, having 2 of the first 3 tilts at home has clearly indicated being the home advantage team in almost every final round in any of the major sports leagues. One exception was in ’75 when the Warriors had games 2 and 3 at home, (by the way it was their former home, the venerable Cow Palace that was the venue), but not overall H/Advantage vs the favored Washington Bullets. The Warriors won the series in 4 straight games. (In ’78, the Bullets sans home advantage, had games 2 and 3 at home and despite falling down (2-1) won vs Seattle in 7 games. Those two are the only such configurations in NBA annals).

Thus the Warriors, who one can say had/have home advantage in 8 of 12 final round entities, can lay claim to have hosted 2 of the first 3 tilts in nine/three quarters of their 12 final rounds. They had clear home advantage in 6/half and likely had it in 8/two thirds. In ’75 the Bullets had it, we might never know (most would not care) regarding ’47 and ’48.


Al Attles, pictured above, both played and coached for the Warriors in NBA final round entities.

Ah thoughts of my friend and Warriors’ rooter, Brad Weiner and also related to Brad, leisure suits.

Was that Mr. Attles’ attire in the above picture? 


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