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“Mac”/”Mc” Series Semi Upcoming: “MAC” Kinnon,/ MC David–Avs vs Oilers

May 28, 2022

Amazing but true, Darren Helm scored with less than 6 seconds left in “reg,” lifting the Colorado Avalanche, throughout– the plurality “fave” to title, into their first “semi” in 20 years, (3-2) at St. Louis, to wrap in 6 vs the last non T.B. champion.

Helm scored in overtime, “exactly” 13 years earlier (date, not day), getting Detroit (Red Wings) into a second straight final vs Pittsburgh, which unlike the ’08 version, they lost.

Meanwhile a seemingly great player, Conor McDavid scored in overtime in game 5, lifting the Edmonton Oilers into their first semi since 2006, when they eventually were 7’d by the Carolina Hurricanes in the Cup final, as “Edm” won (5-4) to “5” the “f”avored “F”lames (By the way, in the lone “qtr,” still going, those Hurricanes take a (3-2) series lead into New York’s Madison Square Garden for tonight’s #6 vs the Rangers).

The results set up a TNT televised Nathan Mac Kinnon another seemingly great player vs Conor Mc David/Colorado Avalanche vs Edmonton Oilers, “semi.”

Colorado will be at least a 2 to 1 series favorite.


Darren Helm 2012.png

Darren Helm, pictured above as a “Vogue”/Red Wings player, has now scored goals 13 years to the date apart, that respectively in ’09 sent Detroit to the final and now put Colorado into its first “semi” in 20 years.

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