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Warriors, Finalists (2015-2019) Up (2-0), In Their “Semi” vs Dallas (Mavs)

May 21, 2022

My post today recalls the 1976 Phoenix Suns’ upset win of the defending champion Golden State Warriors in a Sunday, non televised 7th game of the semi-finals.

At that point, I “knew” the Celtics would win another title as the Suns and not the Warriors, were now to be their final round opponent.

A long way to go these 46 years later and the Celts are only (1-1) with Miami, (they were -170 before the series began, sans home advantage and now are -260 with “home adv”) however, it appears to be a Celts/Warriors final on its way.

Clearly to this point, the Suns’ ouster at the hands of Dallas, has done “paving” work, for a truly outstanding Warriors’ team.

The Warriors covered both home games vs Dallas, as they defied my “every team loses at home in the ‘offs,” all teasing Dallas and overcoming a 19 point deficit in game two. “G.S.” is (8-0) at home in the ‘offs.


Kevon Looney at 2016 D-League Showcase.JPG

Kevon Looney, pictured above put forth an outstanding game “keying” the Warriors’ comeback win in game 2.

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