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Likely Was The First Time Both Previous Year’s NBA Finalists Were Ousted On The Same Day

May 18, 2022

Last Sunday both of the previous year’s NBA finalists were eliminated from the ‘offs on the same day, in all likelihood for the first time in this the 74th such possibility.

The Suns, (0-3) in final round play, each a 6 game series loss, twice when having home advantage, have now failed to title in each of their 54 seasons.

They won 64 games but to be routed the way they were at home in the decisive 7th game/quarters is quite a blow.

Meanwhile Milwaukee, having won it all last season and one other time fifty years before that moves on to the off season deservedly devoid of criticism.


The coin toss that netted the Bucks and NOT the Suns the then Lew Alcindor, now Kareem Abdul Jabbar, certainly was/is— a/the seminal moment in each franchise’s history. 

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  1. Definitely shocked the Phoenix Suns put up such a crappy effort (if want to call it that). Feel bad for the fans because they’ve been tortured by great teams and poor enough in big games. Hopefully they can learn from this loss.

  2. First off, Mike you have an excellent site, that I highly recommend. Let’s figure a way to communicate.

    My post today will recall the 1976 Suns’ upset of the defending champion Warriors in a Sunday, non televised 7th game of the semi-finals. At that point I knew the Celtics would win another title as the Suns and not the Warriors would be their final round opponent.

    A long way to go and Celts are only (1-1) with Miami, however, it appears to be a Celts/Warriors final on its way and clearly to this point, the Suns’ ouster has done “paving” work, for a truly outstanding Warriors’ team.

    Addressing your points, I agree as it was a horror show #7 for the Suns and they still have talent, witness the 64 wins, 8 more than any other team. However, go get even as far next year as there is “mucho” competition out West. Ditto the also (0-3) in final round play, Bengals (although better than the Suns who blew it last year, Cincy was in many ways “held” from winning) who unfortunately will not be a threat this season. Hope I am wrong about that.

    Andy B.

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