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Mavs Rip The Top Ranked Suns, (+210) VS Golden State In The Semis

May 16, 2022

In the second largest rout win by a road team in any NBA series decisive/winner take it game history, a superb player Luca Doncic hit for 35 and Spencer Dinwiddie added 30 as Dallas (Mavericks) ripped the top ranked (by 10 games, by the way, GState in this season in which their great fan, Brad Weiner passed away, has “home adv” in any remaining series while Miami has it vs Boston and would vs Dallas. The Mavs would have “it” vs the Celts) Phoenix Suns (130-93) (believe me it was not nearly that “close’).

Unfortunately the Suns (0-3) in final round play, twice with home advantage and up (2-0) vs Milwaukee (Bucks) last season, unlike the Bucks, who were eliminated on the same day but won it last year and were series u/dogs vs Boston, juxtaposed with the Suns, who were big faves, only to again dissipate a (2-0) series lead and this time a (3-2) advantage as (not) well, deserve mucho criticism!!

Dallas, whose 2 series victories this season are the first for the franchise since winning it all in 2011 (their lone title, the semis teams have a combined 27 titles, 17 won by Boston, 6 by the Warriors in both Philly and the West Coast Bay Area and 3 for Miami), now are plus “210” (just over 2 to 1) vs Golden State, with the series opening at “G.S.” on Wednesday night.


Luka Doncic (cropped).jpg

Luca Doncic, pictured above.

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