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‘Offs Update

May 12, 2022

Both the NBA quarterfinal round and the NHL preliminary round (yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Bruins’ second title in three seasons, thus the season was over–now the NHL is only 5 games into its prelims, with just one series completed) are through 5 games.

Yesterday both series trailing teams in action (the Rangers vs the Pens and the Grizzlies vs the Warriors–{the Pens and Warriors each titled in ’17 and they won a combined 5 crowns from ’15-’18 and made 7 final round appearances, 5 straight by the Warriors from (’15-’19}, won, however, still trail 3 games to 2 with game(s) 6 at Pittsburgh and Golden State respectively, tomorrow night.

Elsewhere, Giannis Antetokounmpo hit for 40 points and Jrue Holiday made the big plays as the Bucks kept the ’74 final road/home pattern going, stealing #5 at Boston, (110-107) to lead the series (3-2).

Again in both this 2022 prelim and the ’74 final it was road/home/home/road/road through 5 games. Also the Bucks, through 5 games, have matched the title winning ’74 Celtics, as each won the three odd numbered games among the first five.

President’s Trophy winning Florida (Panthers) though down (3-0), and the Pacific Division winning, Calgary Flames, who also trailed, (in their case (1-0) after 2 periods, in an eventual (3-1) victory), won pivotal games 5 last night to lead the Caps and Stars respectively 3 games to 2.


Jrue Holiday.jpg

The defending champion, Bucks’ Jrue Holiday, pictured above.


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