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Linking Eleanor/Elinor And Anderson(s)

May 7, 2022

Since I am not sure, I will not speculate on the comedic great who warned of the negative aspects of the television remote control.

Last night I did use it during a commercial on MeTV during a season 1 episode of the Andy Griffith Show, now at least sixty years after it first aired on television.

The show’s theme involved an eventual “no wedding bells,” result between Andy Taylor played by Mr. Griffith and pharmacist Ellie (called Miss Ellie, a precursor to Barbara Bel Geddes’ “Miss Ellie” on Dallas, by future director Ron, then Ronnie Howard) portrayed by Elinor Donahue.

Switching to Showtime’s “The First Lady,” Eleanor Roosevelt is being played by Gillian Anderson.

Don’t fret and certainly do not attack me on “stage” (really that is no joke and is despicable) as I add Ms. Donahue portrayed Betty ANDERSON on the great show, Father Knows Best, nearly seventy years past.


Eleanor Roosevelt portrait 1933.jpg

The iconic Eleanor Roosevelt, pictured above.

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