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Suns And Heat Up (2-0) In The “Quarters”

May 5, 2022

Heat and Sun (s?) go together and both the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns, each a conference top seed, have (2-0) quarterfinal series leads.

Miami (6-1) so far in the ‘offs, (4-0) at home–only they and the Warriors have not lost at home and the NBA is just 2 games into its “quarters”) has ko’d the Embidless Sixers’ teases in each tilt. Will (Joel) Embid play tomorrow night as the series moves to Philadelphia.

The Suns covered and all teased the Dallas Mavericks in the opener and ripped them in #2 last night.

Both franchises have lost 3 NBA final series, however, the Heat with Dewayne Wade on all of them, have won three while Phoenix has an (0-3) final round record, including a six game loss to the Milwaukee Bucks last year.


Tyler Herro.jpg

The Heat player, Tyler Herro, was named the NBA 6th Man of the Year winner.

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