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“A Touch Of The Poet” Is A Fantastic, Emotionally Moving Play

April 18, 2022

Recently I was fortunate to see a truly, fantastic, emotionally moving play, Eugene O’Neill’s “A Touch Of The Poet,” at The Irish Repertory Theatre (134 West 22nd Street in Manhattan, that is N.Y. not Kansas–the latter state having the 2022 NCAA title winners).

Directed by Ciaran O’Reilly and with a brilliant actor Robert Cuccioli (my friend, actress Chris MacLeod, who also liked the performance, has admired and even had a “crush” on him since seeing him in  “Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,”) leading an amazing cast, “A Touch Of The Poet,” set in 1828 Boston is entertaining, humorous, and still resonates as a story of fitting in/adjusting as immigrants to a “stacked vs whomever” system, that sadly still applies nearly 200 years later.

Cuccioli pulls off the angst, wit and all that is the complex ‘Cornelius “Con” Melody, getting great support and scenes, especially from his determined, feisty daughter, ‘Sara,’ played so effectively by Belle Aykroyd and his wife ‘Nora,’ played in marvelous fashion by Kate Forbes.

The whole cast is stellar. It includes James Russell, Andy Murray (between tennis matches), Mary McCann, David Beck, Rex Young, David Sitier, John C. Vennema and Emma O’Donnell.

What an experience, seeing a Eugene O’Neill play at a great venue, The Irish Repertory Theatre! 


Robert Cuccioli, as Cornelius “Con” Melody in a “Touch Of The Poet.”

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