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Ray Knight/John McNamara Notes

April 10, 2022

I noticed Ray Knight at third base for the 1979 Cincy Reds, in their eventual 3 straight games loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NLCS. (The Bucs/Pirates went on to win it all in ’79, but have not been to a World Series in the 42 completed seasons since–unfair money/money baseball, yes you, trying to “buy it,” Steve Cohen, means “Pitts” has virtually no chance this season or for the foreseeable future).

The Reds manager was John McNamara, who later managed the ’86 Red Sox in a World Series vs Series MVP, Ray Knight and the Mets.

In ’79 Knight and McNamara together lost the first two games of the then best of 5 NLCS at home and were, as cited above, swept out in 3 straight games.

In ’86 though Knight and the Mets lost games 1 and 2 at home, they 7’d the Red Sox and McNamara (all that entails, all that history, my emotions and inclinations then and now et al) and won the crown.


Click above to view “Sister Sledge” perform “We Are Family,” which became an inspirational song for the ’79 Pirates, as they went on to win the World Series.


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