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65 Years Later: Kansas VS North Carolina For The NCAA Crown

April 3, 2022

More than 65 years have passed since, as the great Wilt Chamberlain said, “all that loser “bleep” started, when North Carolina led by Len Rosenbluth, “3 OT’d” Wilt and Kansas, to give N.C. the first of 6 titles.

Tomorrow night in New Orleans, Kansas is a 4 plus point(s) favorite to reverse that result.

After the Jayhawks (3-6) in previous title tilts, eased, KO’ing all Villanova “weases,” North Carolina led by Caleb Love and under first year coach Hubert Davis, “barked” plus 4 vs Duke, ending the superb coaching career of the Blue Devil’s Mike Krzyzewski.

North Carolina is (6-5) in previous title games and they are just the 5th “8” seed to advance as far as the national final. Only Villanova, among them won, that a shocker vs an underachieving Georgetown team with big time underachiever, yet great Patrick Ewing.

Speaking of underachieving, substitute (the puzzle is coming up and George Thomas got “state” with all 5 vowels once saying ExhAUstIOn and knowing EUphOrIA) lose (Erving owed Philly fans 6, his # (’77-’82) before a Moses (Malone), not Erving led Philly to the “promised land” in ’83) the “W” which Erving post ABA–remember “mail in the stats,” did so often, and add “ER” for Mr. Erving.

He was great, truly so in the ABA, but to even hint (this greatest stuff is ridiculous, but for the record Jordan is way better than James, it is not even close!) this NBA underachiever was even close to say a Larry Bird is insulting. (Shame on that soft drink!!)

Yet as with the hype, the other sorrowful ads and the fact I had to pay (I slept through the second half of North Carolina/Duke and really do not care) to watch this on cable, not over the air, makes me more determined to not watch. Easier said than done!!


Caleb Love of North Carolina, pictured above.

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