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Sadly, Elnardo Webster Passed Away

March 24, 2022

Days back, in reporting Saint Peter’s big upset win vs Kentucky, I cited a past Peacocks player, a truly outstanding one, Elnardo Webster.

Now, sadly, news that Elnardo Webster died at a time Saint Peter’s is in the round of 16.

Death, a la ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show,’ song, is both “all around and does “take.” Doug Fox, who evokes memories of March 1987, and whose deep down kindness will overcome his propensity for BS and get him “in,” died days back. 

35 years have passed since March ’87 and kickball with “no return” Alison, “Guy/Guy” trying and nearly succeeding in a suicide attempt only to live and eventually falsely accuse me and great non recorded speeches by Rabbi Harry Goder and myself.

That opening Friday when I thought “Guy/Guy” “G”one, “Jeep” Jackson of Texas El Paso hitting a big shot that at least “covered,” (he would die soon after), and Fox, “G” Man, the mercenary but flourishing “Lawyer”  and me driving. I thought “Guy/Guy” gone and it hurt.

Now “Guy/Guy” “G”ot, “G” has a bad foot, “Lawyer” I suppose flourishes while I cite stuff, some, as this cryptic. As cited, Doug Fox died.


Elnardo Webster, pictured above.





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