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‘They’ Ruined Baseball, Too Bad (For Me) They Will Play

March 12, 2022

So many, who the week before spoke out, rightfully so, how the players do not care anywhere near as much as the fans, will “sheep march” back to the parks, television sets and the other devices that run things these dark days and embrace an entity, big league baseball, which once great, has disappointed me in exponential fashion. 

They knew to “out of nowhere” (breaking news is almost never good) settle now, as their horrible changes, which eliminated its best feature, namely a true pennant race and other more ridiculous, but not as harmful changes, did not help its image.

Those kids today, (that has been said for years), not given the gift of radio talents and technique or daytime World Series games, do not “flock” (ode to the Brooklyn Dodgers, a team, before my time, but oh the passion they and other past baseball teams elicited) to baseball.

I despise the hypocrisy of gambling promotion, denying Pete (Rose) a place in the Hall and most of all, the wild card presence. 

In the process, they have cheapened the “true test,” long regular season and now apparently have added more playoff teams and games. 

Maybe, likely, they do not care, but the fact I, who once loved baseball so much, is so unhappy they will play, is something that ought to make them stop and ponder. 

They will not. The machinery grinds on and with it, real baseball and its glory is “rear view mirrored,” at an alarming rate.

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