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Ridley Suspended, Yet The NFL Shamelessly Promotes Gambling On Its Games

March 8, 2022

This is not 1963 or 1946 when it was far less (how about exponentially less?!!) hypocritical of the NFL to take action (pun maybe intended) against one of its players regarding the ever hanging subject of gambling on league tilts.

Both Frank Filchock and Merle Hapes were suspended in 1946, the latter not allowed to play, as he, unlike Filchock did not report the alleged bribe regarding the ’46 title tilt won and I think covered (maybe on the #), by a great Chicago Bears’ team, vs the New York Giants.

In ’63 both Paul Hornung and Alex Karras, each an outstanding player, were suspended for one year as is the case with Calvin Ridley now, for betting on NFL games, none involving their own team, in Paul’s case the Green Bay Packers and in Alex’s case “Webster,” no the Detroit Lions. (Did not realize the Alex Webster result. See I once loved football.)

Now at a time the NFL shamelessly promotes gambling during its broadcasts, Ridley, while inactive with no conspiracy and frankly in “sucker” fashion, made some multi team parlay wagers.

This can not or at least per the advice of a few good people in my life ought not to be my catharsis, however the sight of NFL czar Roger Goodell sitting at ‘offs games, the last 7, a lucky for him, (6 decided by 3 points, the other an over rated, but great 6 point overtime game), is another example of good happening in favor of bad, which mathematics and life teach is NEGATIVE/BAD!!

So is the hypocrisy of suspending Ridley, certainly for that length of time!!

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