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Harry Belafonte Tribute At Town Hall

March 4, 2022

Though the great activist, humanitarian and performer, Harry Belafonte was not actually in Town Hall (New York City) to celebrate his 95th birthday on March 1st, his amazingly, productive life was with us, as his friends and admirers paid tribute.

Harry Belafonte did so much, as the people he could reach, Dr. Martin Luther King, President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt, among so many, were all influenced in very positive ways, by this great man.

The celebration/presentation helps which was started by Mr. Belafonte and is now headed by his daughter, Gina, who “did it all,” during the show, including sing, as a special birthday gift to her dad.

Awards (The first Harry Belafonte Social Justice Awards) were presented to Kimberle Crenshaw, Angela Davis (only on a recorded video, but oh the beauty inside and out from Ben’s (#28 Cleveland Browns) sister, as the hair though gray is still HIGH and think about it, symbolic. We all age, there is gray area and in this country people of color were denied and still are denied so much!! Yet all of us ought to at least consider gray/compromise, lower the levels of prejudice and walk a bit in other’s shoes—) Eric Holder, Barbara Lee, Rashad Robinson, Hank Willis Thomas, Darren Walker, and Dr. Cornel West.

Barbara Lee cast the lone dissenting Congressional vote,  going against the ominous building tide that has always encouraged war/violence, in that case wanting war in 2001.

She is validated by history, as the military intervention after the events of September 11, 2001 are another shameful reminder of this country’s many, many mistakes.

Of course, one only needs to look at today’s Russian attacks and other monsters past, to see why my father (he was right, but in a sense wrong) reminded me of the relative situation, juxtaposing this nation and its actions with those of others. In other words, we are still lucky to be living here.

That is why I once loved it and still have a fervent hope that it will improve.

Harry Belafonte was an integral part of it/this country improving, regarding civil rights. 

“We Are The World,” another Belafonte contribution, was performed by young and younger, artists stepping forward a la the greats that night after Music Awards, I believe in 1985. Their rendition moved me, beyond words.

The lone full song by Mr. Belafonte, shown on the screen was “Try To Remember,” a “fantastik” one from “The Fantastiks,” (I make mistakes, but know how to spell fantastic).

It was my parent’s favorite song.

While maybe the numbers will belie it and Harry will keep going, it is a well earned gift that with him, “deep in December,” he remembers– that of having done so much good, such a “mitzvah,” that defines this incredible man.


Above I tried, below David Belafonte succeeds in the daunting task of how much his father, Harry did and perspective thereof.


A Tribute to Harry Belafonte

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