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“Neutral Network” Supe Notes

February 9, 2022

This will be the twelfth “neutral network” telecast Super Bowl (’84,’87,’90,’94, ’99,’02,’05,’08,’11,’14,’17), all but the first one with Al Michaels, likely on his last Sunday, in “hometown with a home team in the Supe,” Los Angeles.

It will mark the tenth time a team with NFL roots is facing a team with either AFL or AFC roots in a neutral network Super Bowl.

The team with NFL roots has won the previous nine, clear NFL/NFC over AFL/AFC results in ’84,’87,’90, ’94,’99, ’11 and ’17. Add the NFC “roots” (they started in ’76) Tampa Bay BUccaneers’ win vs the Raiders in ’02.

Pittsburgh (Steelers) while an AFC team, began as an NFL team and won a Supe in ’05 vs Seattle Seahawks, a team with AFC roots (as with Tampa Bay, oh 7 time winner, Mr. Brady-do not “waffle” regarding retirement please, say never and end an all-time career), so that is nine.

Pittsburgh also won (no covered) vs NFL “roots team,” Arizona Cardinals in ’08 while “AFL roots,” New England took aforementioned Seattle, in the ’14 neutral network game with Mal Butler making THE BIG PLAY!

In the most recent “neutral network” Supe, the still great, but mistake prone, “most of Brady’s career coach,” Bill Belichick kept Butler out of the game, a big reason, Nick Foles and the NFL “roots” Eagles “Philly’d (with a Philly play), Belichick and Brady’s Patriots.

So the NFC is (8-3), two of the losses to NFL roots, Pittsburgh and the other a loss by AFC “roots” Seattle.


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