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(0-2) Or Worse In Final Round Entities Notes

February 5, 2022

I start with football and the fact that the Bengals, though more than respectable in both losses, are (0-2) in previous Super Bowls.

Unofficially, however likely, this is the sixth time a team has gained Super Bowl entry with an (0-2) record in previous such games.

Two teams, the first of 6 New England title teams and of 7 (this past week retiring Tom Brady, a true great, told you he would retire before any reports and I tell him get away from Jim Gray) Brady title teams in ’01 and the ’17 Eagles vs Brady, who played great that game won to get to (1-2) in Supes.

Three teams lost to fall to (0-3), the ’74 Vikings, the ’87 Broncos and ’92 Bills. All three eventually fell to (0-4) with the Bills and Vikings still with that (0-4) in Super Bowls mark.

Additionally the three teams to fall to (0-3) in Supes all lost its 3rd Supe the next year after losing its second.

Thus it would seem a good time to note that 2 seasons ago, the Bengals got the first draft pick, yielding Joe Burrow (I think Joes are (6-1) in previous Supes at the quarterback position/”station” having won the first 6, Namath in ’68, Montana in ’81,’84,’88 and ’89 with ’81 and ’88 in a “no cover,” coming vs the Bengals. Joe Theesman, his name changed to Theismann as a Heisman hype (it rhymes with Heisman), won in ’82 before losing in ’83). Last season Burrow played some but was hurt. Cincy was in some circles a 100 to 1 shot to win the Supe, in which as a genuine road team at L.A. vs the Rams, they are now less than a 2 to 1 underdog.

Somewhat incredibly, perhaps, no team suffered defeats in as many as 2 of their first NFL “all the way” Championship Games, a final round entity for 33 seasons, beginning in 1933 and going through 1965.

For the record in AFL annals, the Chargers at (0-2) in such tilts, won in their third in a “3” year, routing the Patriots of Boston led by Keith Lincoln. 

Perhaps I will delve into similar history regarding (0-2) and beyond teams in the other 3 major North American sports leagues.

In fact, here, unofficially, please write in with comments and I clearly allow the possibility of factual error, something unlike so many who get paid big bucks do not, I care so much about avoiding.

Again the Bills and Vikings are (0-4) in final round/Supe play. The Bengals and Panthers as cited in a past post are (0-2).

In baseball, three teams are currently (0-2), none worse in final round entities/the once great World Series, so and too often won by wild card teams. Those teams are the San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays, with the Rangers 2011 World Series loss to the Cardinals’ 11th crown, an excruciating one for them.

The NBA currently has an (0-3) in final round play team, the Phoenix Suns while 3 teams the Utah Jazz, Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic are (0-2).

NHL yields an (0-3) in final round play team, the Vancouver Canucks and an (0-2) team, the Buffalo Sabres.


The late Carl Monroe opened the scoring in the first “neutral network” Supe, a 49ers near home rout of the Miami Dolphins, as their great secondary stymied Miami’s second year, record breaking quarterback, Dan Marino. 

So many said Marino would get another Supe shot. He never did!

Burrow, as cited in his second year, first full one, already having won it all in college, something Marino also never accomplished, ought to be aware.


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