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Titans/Chiefs-Oilers/Texans ’62 AFL Title Game Redux? (Notes)

January 20, 2022

If the two AFC division round favorites, albeit small such, win this round, a redux of the famed 1962 overtime AFL title game, will manifest, with the same home and road locales.

In 1962, with Curt Gowdy, Paul Christman and Jack Buck as the equivalent of a sideline reporter, the Dallas Texans, now the Kansas City Chiefs, won (20-17) at Houston vs the Oilers, who are now the Tennessee Titans.

Tommy Brooker’s field goal in the second overtime was decisive, the Texans winning despite a famed “we will kick to the clock” gaffe, by the excellent Chiefs’ player, Abner Haynes.

The Titans nee Oilers were (2-2) in AFL title tilts, (1-1) at home and the road. In AFC title games/semi-finals, the franchise is (1-3), all in road games.

Thus, if Tennessee prevails as 3 plus point(s) favorites, vs the Cincinnati Bengals (they are (2-4) in this round, winning the subsequent title tilt after each such win, only to lose the subsequent Supe each time to the 49ers. The Niners are Saturday’s other underdog, getting 6 or so points at night in blustery Green Bay), the franchise will host its first AFC title tilt/NFL “semi,” since the aforementioned, so memorable 1962 AFL Title Game.

Additionally, if the AFC “2” seed Chiefs prevail, (right now menos 2) as well, it does yield a redux of the ’62 game, with again, the Titans nee Oilers franchise at home and the Chiefs nee Texans as the visiting team.



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