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Title Game Rematches In The “Slots”

January 18, 2022

There are past title games/semi-finals rematches in 3 of the 4 Slots/Division Round games this week.

The first game at about 4:30 Eastern Time on Saturday matching the AFC “1” seed Tennessee Titans and “4” seed Cincinnati Bengals does not offer such. It is a redux of what was the last Bengals’ ‘offs win before last Saturday’s first game of the so called “Super Wild Card Weekend,” which turned into boring, not well played and I usually do not knock officiating as it is a thankless, albeit, well paying job–but poorly officiated games.

Then in the ’90 wild card round after the then Houston Oilers had won vs Pittsburgh in a last week of the “reg” Sunday night tilt, to gain ‘offs entry (maybe they were already in?) not only for them but also for the Bengals, Cincy ripped the Oilers in the earlier Sunday wild card round game.

The next and other 3 games have “semis” history, starting with a redux of the Packers ’97 title tilt win vs the S.F. 49ers. Subsequently, Terrell Davis and NOT John Elway, led Denver (Broncos) to their first Supe win in 5 tries. GB is menos 5 plus, Saturday night at home, likely with Joe Buck.

Next, earlier on Sunday, but still relatively late in the day (only I note this is just the fourth of 10 Rams’ Sunday slots tilts that started earlier than the other Sunday game. It is however, a 7th, 3 or later start among the 10. Only the easy Wash home win in ’83, the Willie Anderson game ending TD giving L.A. a win at the Giants in ’89 and the home Rams’ ease job vs Minne in the title winning ’99 season as the St. Louis Rams were truly early Sunday “Slots,” Rams’ games.

This one 20 years later and 3 years later matches the Rams, early 3 point underdogs after ripping Arizona (34-11) last night, vs Tom Brady.

This time Brady is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In ’79 the Rams won the NFC Title Tilt at Tampa Bay.

Finally, Sunday night with again, the efficient Jim Nantz, the K.C. Chiefs are a near 3 point “fave” vs the Bills.

The Chiefs won both the ’66 AFL (at War Memorial Stadium, where the baseball part of “The Natural” was filmed) and last year’s home AFC Title game, before losing the subsequent Supes.

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