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NFL Complaints, Comments And Update

December 27, 2021

Optimum nee Cablevision, a 41 years plus “way more negative than positive,” (Yet I keep paying. The move is to switch, not by much, but it is the “move.” Ode to the late Mitchell “Moves” Baum, not the Seinfeld episode) “noted” it would “tv” the exponentially more important (football wise) Bills/Pats, rather than contracted, Jax/Jets. It was Jax/Jets (Howard said Jets “as”) and Buffalo is now (-800) to “div” (they once were -2300 and plus 280, as it fluctuates) after beating “Belichick’s Bunch.” Each team is (9-6) but Buffalo with home tilts vs Atlanta and the Jets remaining also has the tiebreaker if they win vs the Jets, in a game they could be as high as 17 point favorites.

Next, as for the second straight season I did not pay for “Red Zone,” NFL Network has well behind updates showing the action. That is bad enough, as they are way behind. Far worse, a la ESPN/AKA Frankenstein/The Monolith, they put up Raiders TD (7-0), even as they were showing each play in the drive.

All day I avoided sound, save the Cowboys/Wash opening, in which Cris Collinsworth said “If Dak (Dallas QB- Prescott) gets hot they could win it all.” What does that mean?!! What insight from a man, who is as phony as a $3.62 bill.

Now Moss just said re Dallas–“when they put it all together, they can win the whole thing.” Come on Mitch, you are an odds guy and a winner in betting, a true rarity. You can do better than that.

No Supe for given everything Joe Buck, however, he gets the penultimate game as it has alternated between AFC and NFC since the NFC had the later conference title tilt from ’88-’95. It is the NFC’s turn to have that tilt.

First and their magic number for the coveted 1 seed is 2, “vs” current “2” seed Dallas, Green Bay won the NFL crown in 4 previous 5/10 years. (Cue Butler’s on Tuckahoe Road a 5 and 10 store. Now dollar stores, that as of rip off 2022 times, ought to be called 1.69 stores). “G.B.”won it all 60 years ago (’61), 85 (Max McGee, I rooted vs those great Pack teams, but years later, love them. With Rodgers, a great, albeit with just 1 crown, I doubt I will ever feel fondly regarding them, despite Kenny and Walter “Mac” rooting for them) years ago in ’36, 55 years ago in ’66 and 25 years ago in ’96.

As GB’s survival/no cover at Baltimore ended, “Bucky Boo” talked of the first and upcoming Supes being in L.A. He cited the first Supe matched current and still current Conference 1’s, Green Bay and Kansas City.

Green Bay is (12-3), Dallas is (11-4) but the latter has the better conference record and thus would have the the 2 team and maybe any seeding tiebreaker advantage.

K.C. (they have won 8 straight and the “over K.C. 12 and a half wins, guy or gal” can win it, needing 10 straight wins. Beano would have had the under and then one win away, would have “gone the other way” and won big. Not so me and Beano, looking down from above, would repeat, perhaps to my father, called such a kind man, as the fact so many people were at his funeral attests, “he never learns.” Remember I bet small, so I am just letting off proverbial “steam.”).

Thus GB/KC in an L.A. based Supe, 55 years later? Certainly it is the lowest “odds vs” choice, however, those odds are still against it. Much more on this c-ap down the road, a place conference top seeds avoid.

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