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NFL Title Tilt(s) Rematch Notes

December 16, 2021

There is playoffs history involved, regarding 11 of the 14 inter-conference tilts this 15th week of NFL “pig.” (He was cited but should not have been as he was/is a sadistic “roto-rooter” glad at certain failures)– I will cite the 4 rematches from a Conference Championship game.

On Saturday night, the (7-6) Indianapolis Colts are close to 3 point favorites vs the (9-4) New England Patriots. “N.E.” is still coached by 6 time Supe winning coach, Bill Belichick( he also won 2 as a N.Y. Giants assistant coach, who contributed mightily), who was at the helm in ’03 when the Pats “title gamed” the Colts and in ’06 when the Colts won the two team’s AFC title game clash. Each time, and after the Pats’ 2004 “slots”/div round win vs the Colts, the winning team in a Pats/Colts ‘off went on to win it all.

There are also 2 previous title game battles between the (9-4) Tennessee Titans nee Houston Oilers and (6-6-1) Pittsburgh Steelers. They clash in Pittsburgh Sunday.

The Steelers, also in route to Supe crowns, won both, ripping the then Houston Oilers in rainy Pittsburgh in ’78 and getting a relatively close win, aided considerably by a highly questionable, no Oilers’ Mike Renfro TD (Mike’s dad, Ray was an integral part of Cleveland Browns’ title teams in the Otto Graham era) call in ’79.

In a later Sunday tilt, the (7-6) S.F. 49ers are big “faves” in a home tilt vs the (6-7) Atlanta Falcons. In 2011, the Niners overcame a (17-0) deficit and won at Atlanta in the NFC title game. SF was under current college semi-final participant, coach Jim Harbaugh and in the subsequent Supe lost to the Baltimore Ravens, who were and still are “under”/coached by John Harbaugh, Jim’s brother.

Weather was also a factor when the A.J. Duhe led Miami Dolphins won the strike season 1982 AFC title game clash (14-0) vs the New York Jets. They lost the subsequent Supe to Washington.

This week, “Mia” with its (6-7) record is a big “fave” vs the (3-10) Jets.

Only the Houston Texans/Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals/Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals/Detroit Lions games this week, among the 14 within conference tilts, have no ‘offs history between the teams.

I count 8 instances, 5 cited above regarding Pats/Colts and Steelers/Titans nee Oilers, in which the team that won an ‘offs game involving this week’s opponents went on to win it all.

The Giants in ’07, “div rounded/slotted” home team, Dallas and its never even won a “div” game, yet given all, Tony Romo in route to a third Super Bowl title.

In 1980, the Raiders won a road slots game at Cleveland in route to their second title. Mike Davis’ interception in the end zone was the big play. Approximately 8 years later, another Mike Davis walked with 2 outs none on, his team down a run B9 in game 1 of the ’88 World Series.

Next Kirk Gibson hit a 2 run home run lifted his L.A. Dodgers (5-4) over Oakland (A’s) in game 1, in route to a 5 game World Series victory.

Last season Tampa Bay (Buccaneers) also won a road slots/div rd game vs this week’s opponent, the New Orleans Saints and went on to win it all, giving its “QB” Tom Brady a record 7th crown.


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