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It is third grade math, however, Kevin Seifert Flunks it

December 14, 2021

Very simple! The Tennessee Titans have a (9-4) mark, the Indianapolis Colts’ record stand at (7-6) so the following can NOT be accurate.

On, Seifert wrote:  “the Titans are essentially up three games with four remaining because of their head-to-head sweep” — 

No!  The fact is that if the Colts gain 3 games, they would have a better record than Tennessee and would win the division.

The correct way to inform regarding the Titans’ lead is to say it is 2 and a fraction or just say/write 2 and a half.

If the Colts gain 2 games in the final 4 weeks and finish with the same record as “Tenn,” then the Titans win the division, based on the (2-0) mark vs the Colts in their games vs each other.

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