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All 6 “Thurs Holiday” NFL Participants Lost Sunday Past

November 24, 2021

In all likelihood tomorrow is the first time all 6 Thursday holiday NFL game participants enter such a tilt having lost in the previous week (all last Sunday).

The day starts with a not so hot Bears at Lions tilt.

Next Dallas is a touchdown plus “fave” at home vs the Las Vegas Raiders.

At night, a meaningful Bills at Saints game.

Remember all six teams lost, with only the Lions, a 13 point underdog in a (13-10) loss at Cleveland, covering the spread in defeat.

On a lighter note, what a year for Giannis, a title and all that goes with it, including final round MVP and now, better late than never, learns a different type of “dunk.” See below.

Giannis Antetokounmpo
You won’t believe me but a kid just told me to try dunking my Oreos in milk… mannnnn game changer 🔥🥛#MadMyGirlDidntTellMeSooner #NewBedtimeSnack

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