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Remembering Peter Scolari and Val Biscoglio

October 30, 2021

I pause from my essentially vitriolic World Series (non?) coverage, to remember two fine actors, I admired and bring nice memories.

Peter Scolari died far too young at age 66 while Val Biscoglio passed on to where it hopefully does not matter if 2 dollars is worth even a dollar, or a similar quote imparted by Val to John Travolta’s character in “Saturday Night Fever,” at age 95.

Biscoglio delivered that line as Travolta/”Tony Manero’s” father, in that memorable film, but resonates even more so, at least to me (each and other Biscoglio stuff, including 3 “turns” as “Murf,” a companion of Mr. Chianese’s “Uncle Junior,” on the seminal show, “The Sopranos,” was so good) as “Silvestri” (“remember you heard it from Silvestri,”  he said, as he pinches the great Carroll O’Connor’s cheek in a memorable “All In The Family” episode, titled “Archie Sees A Mugging), an Italian rights “rep,” who rings Archie’s bell in ways that include fear, education and most of all superb acting.

Scolari, surely the man whose character resided at the “Inn” on “Newhart,” will awake from life as Newhart’s character awoke to the older “Bob Newhart Show,” going from good to better, will find there is room for him at the “Inn” above.

He worked with Hanks (Aaron was honored, sadly posthumously at last night’s W.S. game #3) on “Bosom Buddies,” and I had a good back and forth Q and A with him, at a performance of “Magic and Bird.” (By the way, in my dream last night, either I or Earvin and I guess both of us are sitting next to Larry Bird at the head of a table).

I told Mr. Scolari, after praising his and the cast’s fine performance, that I once had an over 6 foot cut-out of Earvin and Larry from their Converse ad, which my mother and Bill Grober coaxed me into throwing out. (Amidst my “too much” stuff, attention hoarders, even fellow ones, though essentially I no longer save going forward, “1 800 Junk” came near here, worked 5 days but the junk in the above floor apartment disappeared. Nobody cares!!)– I still have a smaller one, and Mr. Scolari was amused by that and made me feel good that I had participated.

Click on the links below for more on each man from and › new-york-city-theater › newsPeter Scolari, Emmy-Winning Screen and Stage Vet, Dies at 66 › 2021/10/27 › val-bisoglio-dies-at-95Val Bisoglio, ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Actor 




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