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World Series, A Bit And “Blasting” Buck

October 29, 2021

Tonight game 3 of the World Series (I am so glad I saw the funny, extremely talented once Yes keyboarder, Rick Wakeman rather than game 2, the World Series negative being the Fox presentation lowlighted by throw it in our faces, Joe Buck and not the teams, which bothers many) at Atlanta, with the series tied a game apiece.

The Astros are in their fourth World Series, this the second that is tied (1-1). Meanwhile the Braves, in their 10th World Series (2 each in Boston and Milwaukee, which were win then lose and the 6th in Atlanta, (1-4) in previous), and just the second that is (1-1). Those were in ’48, ’57 and ’92, resulting in Braves’ losses in ’48 and ’92 with a glorious win in ’57, ending with the great Ed Mathews stepping on third base, after a nice stop of a smash.

While Houston is only an actual poor, (3-8) at home in home World Series tilts, they are (5-4) in road tilts. The Braves are (13-13) all-time in home World Series games, and (11-16) on the road.

When game 2 losing pitcher, Max Fried faced Alex Bregman in that #2, it marked the first time a Jewish pitcher faced a Jewish batter in the 117 year history of the World Series. Kudos to those who got that note. It was not me.

Surely Buck, a “lucky spermer,” from the Midwest, who evoked “God willing” for his and OKman’s (Aikman, another sickening individual and an over-rated, albeit excellent quarterback) being at the 2022 season Supe. Really if God is dealing with whether this spoiled, given it all, luck sperm club president/Emperor, who did not get the year right for the Ice Bowl, at a tribute to his father, one of that classic game’s broadcasters (he said ’69 for that 12/31/1967 game), then it is no wonder the world is what it is) did NOT note it.

Let me calm down, give you Yes “Roundabout” and ask Joe Buck nicely to stop throwing it in our collective faces, as to all you have–when indeed you “talk at us” (check “Cowboy” and why the ex Dallas Cowboys such as Aikman (3 Supes won, never a big comeback win) and Romo, who NEVER EVEN WON AS MUCH AS A DIVISION Round GAME). 



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