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World Series And Other Baseball Post-Season Notes

October 26, 2021

Tonight the Houston Astros, who are roughly 6 and a fraction to five series favorites, host the Atlanta Braves in game 1 of the 2021 World Series.

It is the third time ever, second this season, each involving the Astros, that teams which had clashed in post-season play in one league, meet in such an entity after one of the teams had switched leagues.

Both instances this year are World Series and “div series,” leaving the Cards/Brewers two clashes, one a World Series and the other an LCS, as the only such W.S. and LCS clashes between teams. (For the record, the Cards 7’d the Brewers in the ’82 W.S. then 6’d them in the 2011 NLCS, in route to their 11th and to this point last/most recent title. Already this season, the Astros “avenged” a 2005 World Series sweep at the hands of the White Sox in the 2005 World Series, with a (3-1) “div” series win and now they face their 5 time N.L. division series opponent, the Braves in the World Series. Atlanta won those entities in ’97,’99 and 2001 while Houston prevailed in ’04 and ’05, the ’05 series ending on Chris Burke’s 18th inning home run in game 4).

3 big trends from Dodgers’ history prevailed this year, all or at least part in the Braves/Dodgers NLCS.

As stated here, teams down (2-0) and playing a home game 3 in a Dodgers best of 7 post-season series went to (13-1) with the L.A. win in game 3 vs the Braves.

I also cited (TBS “said” the Braves are (0-5) in a game 5 with a (3-1) series lead, not counting (likely correctly said Atlanta Braves), the ’58 Milwaukee Braves, who not only lost game 5 but that World Series to the Yankees. Alas did they get spurred on to the #5 note via my research, as I did send it?!) that teams up (3-1) in a Braves’ post-season series are now (1-10) in game 5 of that series after the other L.A. series win.

Finally and there are more, but what is the point, (Richard Pryor: “The point is, there is NO point”), the game 4 indicator in Dodgers’ post-season series “bounced back” with 2 “wins” this season after 2 losses last season and said indicator is (10-5) after an incredible 25 straight “wins” from 1955 (Brooklyn Dodgers’ lone title was with a game 4 World Series win) until the Mets, having lost #4, won the decisive 5th at L.A. to win their division series.

The details on that incredible streak are a click away from a post the day after that 2015 division series concluded.

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