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Teams Down (3-1) Now (10-1) In Game 5 Of A Post-Season Series Involving The Braves

October 22, 2021

Baseball network executives had a good day Tuesday as series trailing teams, L.A. (Dodgers) and Houston won, a not so good one in that regard on Wednesday, as Atlanta for a second straight year went up (3-1) vs the Dodgers and home advantage/game 6 home team Houston took a (3-2) ALCS lead vs Boston (Red Sox), but bounced back Thursday, with Chris Taylor’s 3 homer game leading an L.A. rout win that forced a #6 on Saturday (at night if Houston wins its game 6 tonight, late afternoon if Boston prevails in a perceived even game tonight).

Teams trailing 3 game to 1 in a post-season series involving the Braves, encompassing series in all 3 Braves’ locales, Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta, are now (10-1) in game 5 of that series. The details  follow.

1948 World Series Boston Braves vs Indians
1958 W.S. Yankees vs Milwaukee Braves
1992  NLCS Pirates vs Atlanta Braves 
1992  W.S.  Braves vs Blue Jays
1995  W.S.  Indians vs Braves
1996  NLCS  Braves vs Cardinals
1998   NLCS  Braves vs Padres
1999   NLCS   Mets vs Braves
2020 NLCS      Dodgers vs Braves
2021 NLCS       Dodgers vs Braves

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