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Astros To 5th Straight ALCS, Braves To 2nd Straight, While A La Great Ones In ’51 and ’62–Giants And Dodgers, “Eagles” It–“Taking It To The Limit.”

October 13, 2021

While the 107 wins Giants will host the 106 wins Dodgers in a decisive 5th game of their “div” series in S.F. tomorrow night (Bay Area-er and once Giants fan, Tom Brady and his champion Bucs will get better ratings for their tilt at the Philly Eagles, another and different “Eagles” reference within a baseball update), both the Houston Astros (a record tying, if one counts ’94 as a “miss” when in fact, there was NO P-Season action, 5th straight time, joining the (’71-’75) A’s and (’95-’99) Braves) and Atlanta Braves (a second straight NLCS “app,” a 13th in 52 possibilities/one fourth, with eight coming in successive completed seasons from ’91-’99, with as cited, no post-season play in ’94)

The Oakland A’s “cashed in” with 3 titles during their glorious 5 straight “one quarter” division titles streak from ’71-’75, winning it all (’72-’74), while being swept by eventual 7 game World Series losing Baltimore (Orioles–remember them) in ’71 and Boston Red Sox in ’75.

Houston has one title to show for its 4 straight ALCS appearances, losing in the round to eventual champion Boston (Red Sox), their LCS opponent this year as well, with higher ranked Houston about 7:5 series favorite) and 6 game W.S. losing, T.B. last year.

The Astros took the Dodgers in game 7 at Dodger Stadium in the ’17 World Series while losing an incredible, totally unprecedented all road World Series to Washington with the exponentially annoying “Bellman” cashing in 2019, his number and #’s.

During that incredible run of 8 straight NLCS appearances, the Braves managed to win but one crown, to this point, the only one in their 54 completed Atlanta seasons (’66-2020, with no completed season in 2020) and also the lone Atlanta major North American sports title in roughly 170 seasons (55 Falcons, 53 Hawks, whose fine play into a 6 game “semis” loss to the eventual champion Milwaukee Bucks–the “div” series some “revenge” for Atlanta vs Milwaukee, may have “turned” Atlanta/Georgia fortunes, as the college Bulldogs are ranked first and Saban(o) and ‘Bama lost at Texas A and M. Alas never count Nick “insurance ads” Saban(o) out. We shall see. You add the combined Thrashers and Flames seasons, all of course sans title.)


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