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Astros up (2-0) ‘Offs Notes

October 9, 2021

After a pair of 5 run wins (so far in this tournament, not only intrinsically boring games but lack of competition, as only 2 of 8 post-season tilts have been at all, in doubt) the Houston Astros under fine, but nary a title manager (he is one with whom, I have a good association), John “Dusty” Baker lead the Chicago White Sox, under 3 titles manager, Tony LaRussa- 2 games to none, in their best of 5 division series.

Houston has now won 8 straight “div” series openers (’04,’05, as an N.L. team and ’15,(’17-2021) in the A.L. going up 2 games to none, in their last five.

The ‘Stros (6-6) in previous “div” series/”quarters” (in ’81, a players strike caused an extra round, 14 years before whores namely Selig and Manfred, perpetrated this abominable extra round. You would think being stuck in traffic, and not sure how to get to my destination, would put the importance/lack thereof of wild card or no wild card, in perspective. I am getting there, but it hurts to see/experience and likely always will) are (10-3) in such round, opening games.

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