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Football/Baseball Notes

September 25, 2021

In this the third week of “Pro Pig,” there are three clashes involving cities/areas with likely or certain, upcoming baseball tournament teams.

The highlight football game also matches last year’s World Series opponent cities as L.A. (victorious in a 6 game World Series that culminated a “season” of only 10 times that many games) (Rams) meet the defending Supe champion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay houses the repeat NHL champion, Lightning while the L.A. Lakers, who titled for an NBA record tying (if you count their 5 George Mikan and Jim Pollard led Minneapolis crowns) with the Lightning in “bubble” 2020, were eliminated in the first round of the most recent NBA ‘offs.

Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays (0-2) in previous World Series, (the Bucs are (2-0) in Supes/NFL final round entities), will be the A.L. one seed while the L.A. Dodgers, at the moment, despite baseball’s second best record, could end up an N.L. “4” seed, as they trail the San Francisco Giants by one game in the 1 or 4 seed battle.

Joe Buck “presides” on Fox at 4:25 Eastern for Bucs (-2) at the Rams.

At night “Alfalfa” Michaels, who “presided” in 3 straight Tom Brady/New England Supes, in which Tom’s team only won 1, but with the “rotation” broken, enabling Mr. Michaels to call a Supe as his last tilt, is on Green Bay (plus 3 and a fraction) at San Francisco. Michaels should have been on the ’20 season Brady Tampa Bay win Supe, instead he gets a Supe, (Brady and T.B. are plurality “faves” but nearly 3 to 1 underdogs to be participants, at this point) in his last year.

In baseball, S.F. has the current (100-54) Giants (the Giants, still in New York won it all in “same calendar” 1954 beating the Indians, who last “titled” in “same calendar” 1948. The (99-55) Dodgers still in Brooklyn won the title in ’55 and also “titled” in “same calendar” 1965) while Green Bay/Milwaukee has the N.L. “2” seed Brewers.

“Plug,” as if they need it. The tilt is Sunday night on NBC, commencing at say 8:20 Eastern Time. I will opt for “American Rust” on Showtime.

The third “pig” clash between cities/areas with baseball ‘offs contenders/ in their cases current 2 game loss column leaders to be participants, is the “ho hum” (0-2) Atlanta Falcons at the (0-2) New York Giants, beginning at 1 P.M. Eastern Time, on a Fox regional ‘cast. 

Atlanta’s baseball Braves are (81-72) one and a fraction up on the (80-74) Philadelphia Phillies in a bid to win the one eighth N.L. East/N.L. “3” seed. 

Meanwhile the New York Yankees, 20 games over “break even,” at (87-67) lead both ’77 expansion teams, the losers of 4 out of 5, Toronto Blue Jays and the winners of 6 straight, Seattle Mariners by 2 games for ‘offs qualification. 



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