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Two Twilight Zone Notes

September 21, 2021

In the “Twilight Zone” episode, “Cavender is Coming,” the great Carol Burnett is “Agnes Grep,” being “helped” by angel, “Cavender” played by Jesse White.

Ms. Grep, again played by Carol Burnett, has a job at a theatre, names are called for assignments and one of the names is “Burnett.”

Last night, (of course no football and put me down in the latter category as strong, strong dislike as “Awful Announcing” stated it is love or hate, regarding (my words) the abrasive, Gus Johnson.

What in my opinion was even worse than his ridiculous call of the Joseph “muff” FG, (spelling out FOX in his offensive, ridiculous, ABRASIVE way) was his narration on the 50 year anniversary of the Nebby/Oklahoma classic.

Again n opinion, that he, along with Trump and S.A. Smith are in my top 3, as to why or at least a strong indication of this crumbling society/exponentially lowered standards. Also not that more than a handful of the men announcers are good, but, and I am a feminist, who thinks women would have done far better than us men, running the world, does every broadcast or most, have to contain a woman?!! I emphatically opine, no and the fact they do is also absurd/offensive. Those women in almost every case, if not all, did not “live and breathe” sports, the way many men did, most of all, forever to be denied, me.)

Speaking of women, flipping channels and on to “The L Word/ Generation Q” on Showtime.

There is a character named “Pippa.” Quickly to the Twilight Zone on MeTV, and the great Jack Klugman’s character has a son named “Pip” in the episode “In Praise of Pip.”

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