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56 Years Since Sandy’s Perfect Game In Same Calendar 1965

September 9, 2021

On another Thursday, now incredibly, inexorably and on this day after Rosh Hashanah, it is 56 years since Sandy Koufax pitched a perfect game vs the Chicago Cubs, on Thursday night September 9, 1965 at Dodger Stadium.

Cubs’ hurler Bob Hendley pitched a great game as well, yielding but one hit, that to eventual “#7 World Series “open the scoring,” home run hitting,” Lou Johnson, that did not figure in the game’s lone run being scored.

In a post from the day of this memorable game’s 50th anniversary, (below) there is more on the tilt and photos of Sandy and Bob Hendley (ADD moment–watching “The Graduate,” it from 1967 and with “more gas father?” when Dustin Hoffman’s “Benjamin pretended to be a Reverend, his character says Elaine Robinson, adding the last name, much as Mr. Hoffman, who narrated “Jews in Baseball,” which certainly highlighted Sandy and his perfect game, did in “Rain Man,” some 21 years later).

Essentially, as one who does not formally “observe” the Jewish High Holy Days, I do note or “observe,” that later in 1965, Sandy did not pitch the opener of the World Series vs the Harmon Killebrew led Minnesota Twins. He did not pitch in that game as it fell on Yom Kippur.

Minnesota beat both Sandy in #2 the next day and another great, Don Drysdale (one day, my interviews, Amy McQuillin recorded with Sandy, Don and another Don, (Sutton) will get “out there”) in the aforementioned Series opener.

However, L.A. rallied to win the World Series behind Sandy’s 3 hit shutout in game 7, evoking a great and classy line, from Twins’ manager Sam Mele.

Asked by reporters what the key to the World Series was, Sam replied “not enough Jewish holidays.”

50 Years Since Sandy Koufax Pitched a Perfect Game on September 9, 2015

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