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Remembering David Patten

September 4, 2021

Perhaps it is inappropriate on levels, however, David Patten (not Patton, not glorification of war or even the military, which respectively make me very sick and a bit sick, the latter because it is jammed down our collective throats), who died tragically in a motorcycle accident, brings back sad 2001, in a good way, as he was a major contributor to the first of 6 Pats’ NFL crowns and now 7 for the young quarterback, not that great then, he helped so much with key catches, most notably on the Supe winning drive. (Note as I am in “rant” form, the “overblown parody of himself, highly over rated coach and especially commentator John Madden, called for the Pats to play for overtime. That was a ridiculous assertion, one “marked as evidence,” vs (Andy B vs Madden, alas he achieved and has mucho dinero, fame and a game that further deteriorates our crumbling football, video games, gambling society) Madden.

Alas this is supposed to be about Patten, a more than adequate receiver, who played on 3 Pats’ title teams as the franchise won 3 in 4 seasons (’01,’03 and ’04).

I believe it was Patten, who dove to the ground for a Brady pass that got N.E. closer for the eventual title winning field goal, kicked by Adam Vinatieri.

Certainly David gathered in touchdown passes from both Drew Bledsoe (remember he reversed what was and became so much more NFL history, by replacing Brady in the road, at Pittsburgh (Cowher is another over rated coaching “not so hot,” witness his HOME playoffs losses) AFC title game/”semis” N.E. win) and Mr. Brad, the latter’s first Supe touchdown pass.

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