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“Book Of Moron” Starring Robert Dubac Is Fantastic

August 14, 2021

Robert Dubac’s insightful, humorous, mind opening show, “Book Of Moron,” playing at Soho Playhouse (15 Vandam Street in New York City) is simply fantastic!

It was well worth my harrowing, poor directions/ mucho traffic/not good GPS, experience, that mercifully, did not keep me from seeing this superb talent and show.

Mr. Dubac took us in and “out of the box,” dropping quips, one liners and also insight, that may just help us circumvent the utterly disappointing, hypocritical, “how did this happen” world of 2021 and seemingly beyond.

Most of all, “Book Of Moron,” originally directed by the late great  Garry Shandling and evoking memories of the legendary George Carlin, is truly hilarious.

In addition to the rapid fire, truly plentiful great satire, Mr. Dubac, also known as Bob (I talked with him and he is quite friendly and insightful, a tonic for today’s stress) displays some really good sleight of hand in the 90 minute. beautifully paced and poised performance. 

Click below for more information and an easy way to purchase tickets.

The Book of Moron | SoHo Playhouse | Theater in New York


A brilliant talent and performer, Robert Dubac, pictured above. 


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